Your order shipping

For France, orders are usually shipped in 48 hours after payment. For any international shipping, the delay can be from one to four weeks. The standard shipping method is La Poste's service International Priority Parcel, without tracking, with aknowledgment of receipt.

Shipping delays are only an indication. If these delays excess 30 days from the ordering day, the contract can be terminated and the buyer refunded.

If you validate this option during your order, we will send you a link to track your purchase online as soon as possible. Morover, the carrier will send a copy of this link to the email adress indicated during your ordering. Please verify your spam box if this email is still missing thirty minutes after your payment.
Regarding your residence, your purchase tracking could stop at a border. In this case, VoxWave SAS cannot be hold accountable.

Your purchase will be shipped at the adress indicated on your purchase order. This adress must respect the geographic localisation indicated during the ordering.  The shipping costs will be payed by the buyer.

At the moment the products leave VoxWave SAS' location, all the risks will be hold by the buyer. If  the products was to be damaged, any contestation should be adressed to the carrier in a delay of three days after receipt. VoxWave SAS cannot be hold accountable for the abscence of tracking possibilities if the buyer haven't validated this option during the order.

We reserve ourselves the possibility to refuse a payment if it appears obvioulsy fraudulent or if the client do not proves it's authenticity.

Shipping costs include packaging, the handling and the postal costs. They can include a stable and a variable part, regarding cost and weight of your purchase. We recommend to our clients to group all their orders. We may not be able to group multiples orders and you will have to pay the shipping costs of each packages. Your order is sent at your own risks, a special care is given to any fragile packages. If the nature of ordered products requires it, they will be packed and shipped in as much packages as necessary to protect them.

The packages are oversized and protected.

Personal Delivery

Personal delivery is also available for buyers. When VoxWave SAS is present during an event, personal delivery may be available for buyers. In order to get their order, buyers have to present an ID card and/or a physical or digital copy of their invoice. Buyers will then be given their order after a signature. 

This service is proposed to the buyer for free. 

VoxWave SAS denies any responsibility if buyes were not present in order to get their order. VoxWave SAS nevertheless commits to refund the buyer on his request.