What is VoxWave ?

VoxWave is a digital developing studio founded in October 2012. It gathers members of French speaking vocaloid community from website Vocaloid.fr. They aim at a common goal: develop and distribute French speaking virtual singers.

Our philosophy

The challenge we tackle consists in offering musicians all around the world virtual singers able ton sing in French, thus making possible exploring all the possibilities offered by French language through high-quality voice synthesis. French is one of the most spoken language in the world and we wish we will be able to promote the rising of a new pool of producers in the whole world, connected by Francophonie.
Our project is participative: we collaborate with artists in all fields of arts, so as to build together around ALYS a multidimensional musical universe.
Nevertheless, we also want our vitual singers to mirror the diversity of the world, thus making bridges between cultures through language. Our singers bilingualism will be our trademark connecting cultures to each others. That is what we want to develop through our first virtual singer, who will be Franco-Japanese, taking into account the links that have been existed between France and Japan for centuries.

Our team

Our team consists in three official members backed by a team of artists allowing us to offer artistic content.
There is only one member in the charge of the online shop: TBK. She does her best to manage e-mails, social networks, VoxWave websites and orders on the shop. If you have any concern, do not hesitate and join her via the shop. She will be glad to help you.


As you may have noticed, the online shop just opened. We will take care as soon as possible of any technical problem that may occur!